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Or rather, Me-Topia.

No need to comment, it's just an idea I had. It needs some fleshing out, OBVIOUSLY.

Looked at from one perspective, though, it has INCREDIBLE promise. It is truly the only hope for civilization. If you don't get it, you never will, and not just because you're not paying attention -- I could care less, been there, done that -- do you think I want to be in the spotlight? If that's what you think, you're an even bigger idiot than I took you for.

Let me know what you think -- I thrive on critique. This idea can only improve with the test of honest debate. Have at it! If I don't answer you, it's only because I can't be bothered. I'm working, too, you know! This is a bigger idea than any one of us. So don't get all puffed up. I've been around long enough to know that pride is almost ALWAYS false pride. So stuff your oversimplifications where the sun don't shine.

From another perspective, though, it's exactly what will cut through the preconceptions of the ages. Nobody has thought of it quite this way. And stop trying to figure out what I'm talking "about." McLuhan? Aristotle? Morons. And morons shouldn't even be allowed to be conceived. So there's a start.

You have to think multidimensionally. Just because you think you can shoot down a part of this idea, doesn't mean it isn't a suitable monument to my masturbatory instincts. In fact, it probably only means you go around shooting things down as a habituated M.O., and have no intelligence for BUILDING UP what's needed to save the universe. You shouldn't have been allowed to be born, either. Since you were -- well, who could blame me for running you down one day, while txting.

Agree, disagree, I don't give a shit. Petty minds whirl in peevish snarling around my impotent masterpiece. Craven jealousy will get you nowhere -- think instead about what would be gained by exchanging zero with one in the bag. Illegal? You narrow-minded squid. It's not about the win. It IS the win. And when I'm done, if you're still around in the fetid stink that is this pointless realm of drivel, you'll see that LOSSES can be WINS, too.

I regulate the conversation now, suckers. Look through, not at. One man's mistake is another man's hilarity -- but neither feels regret. I plan to change all that.
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